Electropreneur Park has a clearly defined incubation process which helps entrepreneurs realize their ideas. The objective of incubation is to produce successful companies in ESDM sector with the potential to create jobs, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen economies.

Entering Incubation

The Incubation of an idea at EP starts with interested entrepreneurs submitting their business plans for review and evaluation. The rest of the process, from submission to incubation at EP, is described below. For further information, please read the frequently asked questions.

Incubation Process

If any idea is found to be innovative, relevant and interesting enough, the entrepreneur is given an opportunity to present it to EP’s Project Evaluation Team (PET). After the presentations with PET, the entrepreneur is informed on the possibility of its incubation within seven days of the presentation. The PET may have multiple rounds of presentation.

The successful entrepreneur is sent an invitation letter outlining the documents that have to be submitted prior to the commencement of incubation. Once the documents are received, they are reviewed and the necessary agreements are prepared. After signing the agreements, the entrepreneur will be allotted the necesarry space and indicating the date of commencement of incubation. The facilities available at incubation are outlined in the FAQs. Further, a mentor will be linked to the start up.

During the period of incubation, there will be a number of review sessions with the EP officials to monitor the progress of the  company. The details are avaiable in the guidelines for Incubatees.

The incubatees will be provided with access to state of the art infrastructure and academic environment of University of Delhi,  incubatees will also have access to shared service e.g. legal, accountants, media, investors etc. along with the top  entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Finally, incubation process ends with “graduation”. Once the Graduation is earned from EP, the company has started revenue and and became sustainable or the funding process has taken place. 


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