Governance and Management

Governance Mechanism 

DeitY will be providing the entire funding support required to set up and manage the centre over the 1st 5 years. STPI is proposed to be the managing body for disbursement of expenses incurred under the project. A comprehensive appraisal system shall be adopted which shall include, but not limited to the below. 

  • The progress of the overall Scheme shall be monitored periodically by STPI along with University of Delhi, IESA.
  • Benefits/Assistance extended to each incubatee shall be under observation of STPI, DU and IESA.
  • Individual incubatee shall be subjected to evaluation periodically. During the evaluation, the progress of the proposed ideas/project/product shall be rated. Any deviations shall be recorded. In case major deviation(s) which may result in failure of the proposed idea/project/product, the support and facility extended to incubatee shall be revoked.
  • Equity in the incubate companies, as per prevailing incubator norms, will be kept for mentors, operating team and Electropreneur Park stakeholders.
  • An incubatee can enter the Scheme subject to clearing the evaluation processes.
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