Evaluation Process

The proposal completeness will be checked in all respects. All proposals that have all the requisite information will be cleared for next stage, while the incomplete ones will be sent back and kept in waiting list to keep the back-up ready in case of fail-overs, etc.
Scrutiny of Proposals: The office of Electropreneur Park will properly scrutinize all the correctly submitted proposals for their technical as well as commercial feasibility. This scrutiny will be done at the conceptual level whereby the experts committee will check for the preliminary conceptual feasibility. Here it is important to note that the proposals should qualify for technical as well as commercial aspects.

Presentation and Interview: The selection committee as may be appointed by the Electropreneur Park management will interview the short listed candidates. The thrust of the interview would be to check how enterprising the candidate is and what is the level of clarity about implementing the project.

Selection: Based on the final scores earned out of the quality of proposal and the interview appeared, the top ten (10) would be selected and enrolled for incubation. They will be asked to go for all the processes laid as part of the enrolment.
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