Electropreneur Park Beneficiaries

EP Befef




  • Government
    • Indian IP development
    • Job creation
    • Brand “India” in Manufacturing
    • Saving foreign exchange outflow
    • Potential export by emerging as ESDM hub
    • Software/ITES sector is now mature – need to mature ESDM now
    • Space utilization


  • Academic
    • Entrepreneurial scientists and engineers wanting to commercialize technologies through new company formation
    • Research universities and labs, with stocks of technology-based intellectual property and an orientation to technology transfer (e.g., patenting and licensing) that emphasizes an entrepreneurial approach


  • Industry
    • Business professionals (accountants, lawyers, consultants, human resources specialists) familiar with the problems of launching a technology-based company
    • Entrepreneur/Start – ups can capitalize the early development stages of a new, technology-based enterprise
    • A concentration of existing technology companies that could be a source of experienced technology professionals who could assume leadership positions in technology start-ups, or provide advice to start-ups 
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